Exclusive, easy farm stand recipe: fresh ground cherry salsa (with substitutes)

Exclusive and E-A-S-Y recipe for fresh farm stand salsa! Only 5 steps An answer for what to do with ground cherries. How to substitute if you don't have ground cherries (which applies to most of us, most of the year). Make this salsa in minutes. All you need is a food processor and a few common ingredients. It's a hit at parties and delicious on eggs the next day.

Best 5 items at Roses Berry Farm Stand, Hartford, CT

Sometimes I write about favorites. And please, do let me know in the comments what your favorite farm stands are! Rose's Berry Farm Stand is my current favorite. If you know of Rose's, you might be confused as to why a farm that is in South Glastonbury, CT, is listed here as Hartford. I go to their stand on Fridays at the Old State House Farmer's Market. What makes Rose's Berry Farm Stand my current favorite? #1 - variety, #2 - kind people #3 - freshness...