Fantastic. Innovative. Delicious. Recipe by Greg over at I especially love that it features pomelo! One of my top picks from a farmstand5 I just finished from farm stands in Zhangjiajie. via Pomelo, Jicama & Fig Salad

A basket of colorful orange and white gourds minipumpkins

Best 5 items at Midway Farm Stand, Durham, CT

September 29, 2018 How's this for stumbling on a gem?  I had the family in the car on our way to the Durham Fair. A really beautiful, classic New England autumn fair, you should visit next year. Go early in the morning, as soon as it opens. We didn't. After 30 minutes of waiting in…

Treat Farm Orange CT sign

Best 5 items at Treat Farm Stand, Orange, CT

In its first couple centuries, the Treat Farm was focused on dairy and milk delivery. Wait, what? Rewind. Yes, I meant to say it, centuries. One of the great things about living in New England is the rich history. The region's farmers are proud to be able to preserve and share America's Colonial legacy. View my top five choices from the Treat Farm Stand, Orange, CT.

A year one clary sage plant growing in my organic backyard garden

Forgotten herb: clary sage

There can only be one reason we forgot about clary sage: modern pharmaceuticals. close enough pronunciation "clare-E  sayjuh" Clary sage was THE go-to herb for our female ancestors to reduce the monthly discomfort of menstruation cycles. Your great-grandmother probably looked forward to the relief of a cup of brewed clary sage tea as she busied…