DIY dry shampoo recipe for blonde hair

DIY dry shampoo for blonde hair

One of my coworkers confessed to me that she tried a store-bought dry shampoo and just didn't feel like she used it right. It either left white residue in her hair or wore off midway through her day. Meanwhile, she had to breathe in a dust cloud of aerosol spray just to use it. There has to be a better way. As a lover of all things natural, including hair care, I felt inspired to find an easy DIY dry shampoo recipe that worked.

DIY dry shampoo recipe for brown hair

DIY dry shampoo for brown or auburn hair

This is a true story. On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up early to bake a blueberry pie from scratch. Several of the ingredients did double-duty for me that a dry shampoo. How skeptical are you right now? Probably about as skeptical as I was. But, with limited options, I took a risk and tried a DIY dry shampoo recipe for my brown hair. Read on for the full recipe and my review.

Top ten bestsellers on Amazon handmade handcrafted items that are not all booze glasses

10 best-selling handcrafted items on Amazon that aren’t booze glasses

If you were to do the research yourself, you'd find that 12 of the top 20 handcrafted items on Amazon Handmade right now are booze glasses. Whiskey glasses with bullets in the side (7 out of 12). Wine glasses with funny sayings (3 of 12). And uh, the remaining two are whiskey glasses with funny sayings.

I like booze, but I also like variety, which is hard to find on the Handmade Bestseller list. Not one to give up quickly, I challenged myself to dig past the pile of booze glasses and get you a different Top 10 list of (mostly but not entirely) sober bestsellers.

I love beer bread drizzled with honey. It’s great to bring to a party as an appetizer or to have for breakfast. My kids love it. Just set it out for company, all cut up into little sweet squares. It all goes. I once gave it to a host and hostess for having us over…