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We are having technical difficulties with the latest, great post on Zero Waste Homemade Soap. I’m so disappointed, but WordPress tech is helping me retrieve my lost post. I hope to have it republished tonight by kickoff time! It’s Super Bowl Sunday in the States. Please enjoy some unique posts while you’re waiting… How (and…

Pewter bin pulls and knobs on a farmhouse kitchen cabinet farmstandculture.com

Why I went over budget on our farmhouse kitchen hardware and…sure, you want to know how much?

It's a subtle design point, but I think it makes a world of difference in our Early-American farmhouse kitchen renovation. Hardware. The handles, knobs and pulls that make our cabinets functional. It took me two tries to get the right look with our farmhouse kitchen hardware. Quite a first-world journey.

Three best essential oils for upset stomachs

3 of the best essential oils for upset stomachs

Essential oils are one of many all-natural remedies to help a tummy ache. They are pure, powerful and effective. If someone in my family complains of tummy trouble, I use a blend of three essential oils for upset stomachs. Find out which essential oils helped my husband's upset stomach and turned him from an annoyed skeptic to a calm, happy user of essential oils.