You would be happy to live a little healthier, to use more natural skincare and shop for fresh local food. It just has to be easy and reasonable.

I have made small changes over the years and am happy to share my successes and failures with you.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an urban high-rise or on an historic farm. It doesn’t matter how your percentages line up in an ancestry test.

We all have farm life in our DNA.


The posts on these pages will reconnect you to those roots. You may find a story that changes the way you look at some little blue flowers growing along the highway or the olive oil in your kitchen. Have some fun comparing the top five items at your local farm stand to these picks from our farmstand5. Discover some good ideas for planning a garden in your lifeindoors or out.

Or just get yourself a great gardening hat. I love my gardening hat. If you’re having a glass of wine while you’re enjoying this site, please do not play a drinking game where you sip every time you come across a photo of this hat.

Tiffany Burns writes the posts, but the community creates the content.

The idea came about as a distraction from studying during a long dissertation year. Not a doctorate in botany like you might expect, it’s in finance, but I like to think there are some crossover skills. If not, it was an incredibly expensive hobby.

I live on an authentic Colonial-era farm and spend hours in my home garden. Over the years, I read books about gardening and historic gardens. Most of my skincare products are whipped up fast and cheap in my own kitchen. Some day I will do a series for farmstand culture about actually starting a farm stand of my own.

You can reach me at tiffany@farmstandculture.com.

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