Tips for Hot Process Soap Making Beginners

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Once. I admit it. I bought all the stuff, designated a hand mixer and a stainless steel pot, and made soap from scratch with my sister, just once. Now the stuff sits in my basement. I’m starting to feel inspired to get another batch going. It’s really a fun bonding experience, as long as you have patience. Homemade soap takes about a month to cure before you can use it. We did not use a crockpot, but I really like the idea. A professional soap maker on Twitter assures me she uses a crockpot. It’s not cheating.

Check out this pressed article from Natural Beauty Workshop for more about hot process soap. Source: Tips for Hot Process Soap Making Beginners

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    1. Will you be bold enough to try soapmaking? It’s a unique experience that reminds us how hard every little thing was for human beings before, say the last 100 years. But it’s very satisfying to use your own soap!

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